Thursday, 30 July 2009

hydrangea update #3

Ok, I know these are usually boring, but I promise this one is pretty!! Any of you lovely people heard of freecycle? its an amazing way of getting things for free that you need and other people don't want. Anyway, I posted on there a while ago about wanting hydrangea heads to dry for the table centres, and today I went and cut these lovelies. I got about 20 heads, but I left plenty on the plant, i'm hoping she'l let me back later in the year to take more! They are so dreamy, like clouds of candyfloss. except one had an earwig in it. So theyre hanging in the garage to dry. I can't wait to see if this works. I really don't know how many I need per wreath, but thats what these are for I s'pose, trial runs and all that...


  1. Oh they are amazing. Yay for freecycle!

  2. I Love Love Love hydrangers. I have two little tiny plants in my garden that my mother in law cut back last year (she said they needed to be cut right back otherwise they would never grow this year)As it happens they still havnt grown back this year but one of the plants has a tiny little bud on it, i was jumping for joy!! Thats lovely the lady let you cut some of her flowers off, what a nice lady. x

  3. yeah hydrangeas are slow growing. she was right to prune them, but you might not see flowers for a couple of years. They hate being moved too. I made that mistake and have what is probably a dead hydrangea now.