Wednesday, 29 July 2009

happy days.

Thank you thank you thank you you lovely peoples. It has become quite strangely reassuring and exciting to come on here to find lovely comments from of you :), and to find that my number of followers jumped by almost 50% today (from 3, to 5 I might add. it wasn't a massive jump!). I'm greatly enjoying finding more blogs to read, and I'm equally enjoying the increased freedom on here now that I've relaxed my self imposed rules on subject matter for my blog.

Anyway, on the wedding front, the little things happening in the next few weeks are:

tomorrow, meeting up with sister in law to be as she's offered to make the cake. I'm not sure she's realised how much I love cake, but I'm sure she soon will! Anyway, she's dug out all the baking tins she was given by a friend - lots apparently - so that we can have a look through and see what might work. On the cake front, we decided fairly early on having had a quote that shocked me for cake, to buy a basic one from M&S and tie ribbon or lace round it, and instead to spend the money on a couple of beautiful individual cake stands that we could keep for ever and be able to say 'we had our wedding cake on that' in 50 years time. More on them another day I feel.

In a couple of weeks we are going to stay with my Aunt and Uncle in Shropshire. We have an ulterior motive for this visit, in that we hope to be able to ask one of them to perform part of our ceremony. In the mean time, until I go, I want to read through the different wedding services. I believe there are 3 versions of the same service that are still legally binding, and I have a feeling that I will prefer one of the older ones. Then just to convince the vicar. ha! good luck on that one...

lastly, because I have no idea how you all find these lovely pictures you post each day, I leave you with a picture of my older cat, Benny, who I found in my wardrobe this morning, amongst my dresses...

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  1. There are some really pretty ones on ebay. I'm in love with vintage plain cream ceramics just now, after that bird on a cup of jo's giveaway, and of course the cut-out cake stand I chickened out of buying form ebay a few weeks ago...