Thursday, 9 July 2009

me myself and I.

sorry I'm not being very communicative at the moment. theres a lot of things suddenly going on around me, and I'm taking my time to sort it all out in my head. These aren't bad things, in fact in the long run they're really good things, its just a shock to me right now. I'm not really able to talk about it yet, as its not my news to tell, so I have to keep schtum til the weekend at least. I also understand that not many of you will probably care, as despite posting lots of things that I like on here, and personal ideas, I've not given you anything of myself, which I think I should maybe rectify now. I don't know where to start, and I don't want to turn this into a diary entry, so I'll just tell you random things which come to mind about me.
I'm an only child.
I like cookery and home improvement programmes (Hugh fearnley-whittingstall might actually be an idol of mine)
We're trying to grow some of our own vegetables this year.
My cats are my babies :) until I have real babies :)
I love weaving because of the pattern, repetition and watching a cloth being created in front of me. But I hate my current apathy towards it all.
I could eat pudding all day long.
I'm keeping a scrapbook of pictures and samples for decorating our house with.
I hardly drink at all, but I love a pear cider. One gets me happily drunk.
I cry when I think about walking up the aisle to the altar.
Only one person in the real world knows I'm blogging.
I love pistachio and tiramisu ice cream when I'm in Italy.
I literally CANNOT wait for the new harry potter movie.
Last week I tried to care for a baby sparrow we found in the garden.
I like my steak rare.

Anything else? Answers on a postcard - the comments box will do - if you want more from me.

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  1. Shush, don't tell anyone but I really want to see the harry potter film too!

    Yey for rare steak and kittens! Not at the same time obviously. Well unless they are clawing at you for tastiness!