Wednesday, 8 July 2009

summer jollies.

picture: martin burns on flickr

ok, I'm not 'off' my wedding, I just don't have anything to report at the moment. We are, however, taking a much needed break to Edinburgh starting sunday. any (reasonable) suggestions welcomed, for places to visit/eat/drink/do in the centre ish of the city. I have some old college friends who we're hopefully going to meet up with, I can't wait! We havn't been for a couple of years, which is stupid since we live so close, so we're hoping the restaurants we went to last time are still there! We found a lovely teeny tiny mexican in the old town, and Howies near the grassmarket possibly gave me the best meal I've ever eaten in my life. I wanted to go to the zoo, see the baby pygmy hippo thats just been introduced to the world, but its £14 EACH to get in?! so thats maybe off the cards. anyway, any ideas welcomed, and I'll tell you what I got up to when I get back. in the meantime, there may be more posts, I just don't know!


  1. Oh edinburgh I love you so. My boy's sister lives up there. Oh it such a nice and friendly place but I agree that £14 is far too much!

    Friends will be more fun than hippos anyway!

    Also if you go up in august how about the festival for fab things to do. Or the botanical gardens for a picnic?

  2. Shopping! The Grassmarket and West Bow (leading off the Grassmarket) have the best shops, including a couple that sells antique lace and linens.

    Peter's Yard at Quartermile for the best baking and coffee, Mezbaans in Tollcross for South Indian food to die for. Frederick Street for clothes shops that are too expensive for words but so delicious to browse in, Causewayside for great antique shops and restaurants and lounging in the Meadows and Princes St Gardens if it's a nice day.

    Oh, and beer or wine and a good film at the Cameo or Filmhouse cinemas.

    Those are the things I used to do in Edinburgh and the things that I miss the most.

  3. thank you both :) I'll definately be going to the grassmarket anyway, we found Howies last time, and we want to go eat there again, so I'll definately be heading to the lace shops :)