Saturday, 8 August 2009

jeans and shuttles and potfest Oh My!

Exciting parcels have been turning up the last day or two. Well, exciting to me. After Hannahs treehugger post the other week I decided to go look at Howies again - they had a sale on, and because I'm on the mailing list I got a code for an extra 15% off. so I treated myself to some new jeans, because I never do that. Truth be told, I didn't expect them to fit, I'm rather tall, but have wide hips, and its horrible going Jeans shopping usually. But these fitted perfectly :D and they're organic cotton = double :D.

and you can find them here. If you've not been to howies website before, you really should. Not only are their clothes cute, and well made, their ethical and ecological policies are really strong. These jeans came with a label which explains so well why they use organic cotton. This is a longer version of it here (although its not so long that yo can't read it in a minute or so.) That's why I like Howies, their are very transparent as a company, All their beliefs are on their website, and their catalogue reads more like a manifesto for life at times.

Anyway, packages. the other one which will probably make no sense to anyone, is something I bought as a result of selling a piece of work to a friend (in fact my wedding dressmaker :)) She asked me to make a baby blanket a while ago for one of her friends who was having a baby - born last Monday - And when I got the money for it I thought I should put some of it to good use despite being skinted, so I bought myself my first boat shuttle for my loom.

This type of shuttle, for anyone who doesn't know, can be sort of thrown through the weaving as they are very smooth (you can get ones with rollers on the bottom too) so it makes the weaving process much quicker. Wierdly owning one of there makes me feel rather grown up.

For anyone who's interested I am going to do a post with some pictures of the blanket in, and maybe some other bits of work, so you will get to see it!

We're off to potfest today hopefully, there are two potfests, organised by the same people and they happen two weeks apart. this one is the original, its slightly more of a free for all, as its first come first served gets a stand, as opposed to the one I posted about a few weeks ago where you have to apply for a stand and be chosen. So I'll tell you about that later probably! Happy Sunday people...

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  1. Hi, I just wanted to leave a comment to say how much I've enjoyed reading your posts.

    Your photographs are AMAZING and I really like your writing.

    Best wishes and thank you for sharing it !