Wednesday, 5 August 2009

the doctor evil chair.

You guys, I'm super excited because this morning, a chair arrived. This chair is parker-knoll, it WAS black leather, a sort of wingback egg chair (I'm not good with the proper names). It had been sitting in the in-laws garage for many years, literally gathering a lot of dust, and generally not doing much. I begged, not much, since they were going to get rid of it anyway, and we got it. We've just had it recovered in a chenille that looks like needle cord in a champagne colour, and it returned this morning at a time too early to mention. I loves it! :) James reckons this chair is going to be his, but I have other ideas. I, after all, wanted it, petitioned the pa-in-law, chose the fabric, and found the upholsterer. No, it will be mine. So now, following the sorting of the spare room yesterday which ended up being a complete re-arrangement of the room, involving the help of ma-in-law, a not-to-scale plan of the room with all the furniture, and a tape measure, we get to do the same in the living room to fit the new chair in! Is it sad that I enjoy this? I love re-arranging rooms, and I can't wait to move so I can start again! Anyway, I'll finish this post with a photo of the chair, which is known around our house as the doctor evil chair.
Please excuse the mess, and the godawful carpet, its in the spare room at the moment until the old armchairs leave tonight (again via freecycle-if you want stuff, or want to get rid of pretty much anything, you really should join your local group)

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