Tuesday, 4 August 2009

todays etsy wants.

pincushion ring: artnestshop
A pincushion ring?! cute, dangerous, or just plain amazing? I think I need this...

ipod cozy: onaroll
I want one of these, it almost makes me want a proper ipod so that it would fit in here :) but alas, no money, so instead this idea is for Hannah (yet again, these days I find my entire blog is written for you!) since shes gettng an iphone soon.
I'm off today, waiting for parcels to arrive, and considering sorting the spare room as its where I work, but also where my parents are staying in a couple of weeks, and now where we're storing one of two super cheap sofas we bought last week. there isn't much room to move!


  1. hi.... me again!!! I feel privaleged to be mentioned again! seriously!

    Dang it- my iphone arrived yesterday and i already bought a little pink leather case from the 02 shop. Its ok. It says 'made in china' inside it. euch. Why o why didnt i just go to etsy?!

    and snap! im also sorting out my spare room. Its taken about 4 weekend. (2 hour busts- cant manage more than tht!)just because its a hole and unusable at the moment! I found it strangely satisfying. I might post pictures of my ordered shelves. or is that just 100% naff?

  2. not at all naff medear :) I just wish I'd taken a before picture because I actually ended up moving every piece of furniture around in there so the room is completely different now, I had to enlist the help of Ma in Law, who enjoys doing such things and theres just a bit of tidying left to do.