Sunday, 23 August 2009


I have several things to post about that I found or did while I was home, its been sort of like an exorcism of my childhood, quite cathartic in a way. But first, mum found some bags of my old old school work, Right back to the beginning of school, when I was four, and you were learning how to hold a pen. This poem (if you can call it that) made me absolutely piss myself laughing, and for that reason i'm sharing it with you, in the hope that it makes you laugh too. I think I would have been about 6 or 7 when I wrote this. Its starts off well, but goes a bit crazy at the end. And now, for your viewing pleasure...

Pollution everywhere in the sky and in the sea
Its all around us everywhere
Plastic bags, aluminium cans,
Factories belching out smoke,
I hate pollution
I try to stop pollution.
It hides in bushes,
and gets thorned by the thorns.
Don't pollute the air.
(there were pictures too, I drew different types of rubbish, including 'rag' 'string' and a 'sanburys' bag, but I really cant be bothered to get the scanner out just now.)

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  1. um, fodder for wedding speeches unearthed while you were home??