Sunday, 6 September 2009

made my day...

Sorry I havn't been very present this week. not only did my hours go up at work because of stocktake (yuk) but I've just not had much to say. I did however get to see a load of old college friends at some of our other college friends MA show. The work was fantastic, and it was great to see so many old frends again. Other than that, and taking to cat to the vets cos some other meany cat (probably my other cat) bit him on the head, the weeks just filled up with work.

Then today, I take my second daily look at blogger (I look a lot), and there she is, lovely Fay of Dreaming of an aga gave me an award, a lovely pretty Kreativ blogger award!

thank you Fay, in fact this award made me smile so ridiculously that james noticed, and demanded to know why. so the cat is out of its proverbial bag. I didn't like that I had a secret from him, but I also know that he doesnt always like how much time I can happily spend reading and surfing the interweb. Anyway, he was fine, so now he knows I blog, and we have no secrets again:) so thank you Fay, for more than just the award! However, I'm not going to pass it on just yet, I'm going to have a think about who to give this award to, at the moment I have a fairly small circle of blogs that I read, so there weren't many creative ones that weren't already covered by Fays awarding earlier on! so I'll come back later on with my choices.

In other news, does anyone have a good simple delicious recipe for limes? I have 3 sitting around that I want to use, but Key lime pie takes 8?!?!


  1. Lime curd? You could use them in a simple salad dressing, or marinade.


  2. Congratulations! And I tried to keep my blog from the Boy because I liked the idea of blogging in secret. My 'secret' lasted all of 6 hours (all of which he was asleep for). I'm bad at secrets.

    As for limes, I add them to curries and tomato sauces.

  3. peonies you always make me laugh :) I'm willing a year away just to meet you, and hen I'll probably get post wedding depression because you're gone again, only to exist on my computer! :) If I get a surplus of limes again i will try your ideas, I'm no currently very good at curries though!