Monday, 7 September 2009

pass it on...

Ok, I'm back, having deliberated on and off all day on who to give the award to. My choices were:

Kirsty from sixty one A, I love her gorgeous driftwood boats, and the little robins on cinnamon sticks that she's made for Christmas!

Louise from postcards from behind the hedge and beyond, I'm a sucker for book art (Su blackwell and Tom Phillips are my constant loves)

And finally, to Hannah, from seeds and stitches whose blog is a constant entertainment and delight to read and sort of honorarily to her hubby Dave, look, he made them both recycled Iphone covers!

You three get to pass it on to 3 others now who you feel are worthy of your praise :)
In other news, I found a recipe for Key lime pie that only took 4 limes, so I made that last night (thanks Delia) and Thanks catherine for your suggestions, I just like my puddings a bit too much!

I'm off today to try on a few beautiful dresses at my friendly neighbourhood bridal shop, so I think its probably time to fill you in on all that soon. Wedding talk! I bet you all thought it had dissappeared from here!


  1. Thanks for the award!
    I'll have a think about who to pass it on to...
    Thanks for your nice comments too

  2. Rebecca! sorry for tardy resonse. THANKS SO MUCH!!! Blushingly privaleged! And I shall make sure Daves knows its for him too!

    I shall get on to choosing three more blogs to share the love with!

  3. Thank you so much for the award - I've been trying to leave a response all day but have had problems!
    Will definitely pass it on - thanks again!

  4. damn, I'm too late with the limes.

    And dresses! Why yes, we'd like to hear all about them please. Thank you.