Sunday, 20 September 2009

wedding list idea #1

I hate blogger, I wrote this whole post and then it deleted it all. :( anyway, wedding lists. We weren't originally going to have a wedding list, as we've lived together for several years, and have all the usual things for wedding lists (good crockery - thank you denby seconds shop - nice cutlery etc) so at first we were going to ask for vouchers to a few big department stores so that we could choose larger things like a rug, in our own time, when we were ready for it. But then I keep seeing things that we need or want, like a new set of pans, or this printing block montage:

montage: notonthehighstreet (this one says 'oli & nic 16th July 2005')
Then I was reading someones blog (sorry I can't remember who, do tell me if its you though!), and they were talking about this mug from Heals:

We actually have a 'map of the world' shower curtain already, extremely useful for the crosswords that we're into doing at the moment so I thought this mug would be a helpful addition to our bizarre reference material that we use, but then I saw these other ones in the set! These are totally going on the wedding list:

mugs: all from Heals

Have any of you lovely people used one of those websites that let you register for things from loads of different shops? I think they would be more use to us as we are starting to want one or two things from lots of different shops. If you have please tell me if they work or not, because they look like they would be more use to us than anything else...


  1. That was me with the Heals mugs! Tricky decision about getting a wedding list. People always want to give you a wedding gift even if you've lived together for years so it is good if they have an idea of the things you like. And anyway, getting a new crockery set that is special and just comes out on special occasions or 'if the queen comes to tea' is always a winner.

  2. 'if the queen comes to tea'! class :) especially since my great aunt looks a lot like her...
    also sorry, for ages now I've been thinking you're related to another one of my favourite blogs, but I discovered yesterday that Im completely mad, and that was another blogger after all, and i;ve been referencing it in several of my comments to you1 so, soory, you must think I'm mad!

  3. Oh those mugs are adorable!!! I want them too!!

  4. Love the block montage and the mugs, you definitely need those!

  5. Me again! Thanks for the tag, will think of some random things to share. I just wanted to say that I'm going to a wedding in a month, just checked their John Lewis Gift List webiste and low and behold, they'd put those mugs on there! The world map and periodic table one. So naturally I bought them for them, so very good gift ideas.