Saturday, 10 October 2009

Brown paper packages...

...unfortunately not tied up with string. Debenhams aren't *quite* up to that standard I'm afraid. But these landed on the doorstep the other day. We decided after looking at the hire suits in greenwoods that we didn't particularily like the ruches wedding suits generally come with. I'm not against them, before any of you who may be having them throw your hands up in horror, but you should probably understand that we are trying to keep this weeding as informal as we can. One main reason for this, apart from the fact that neither of us is particularly looking forward to feeling lke we are in a goldfish bowl for the day, is that James spends most of his life in a polo shirt and work trousers with 20 pockets and knee pads, as he is an electrician. Suit wearing, doesnt generally come into that job. So anyway, a 'ruche' is a step too far for either of us really. I've been looking at ties whenever I find them in dept stores for a while now, and there are some great ones on Etsy too if you're interested in this, they were just a bit to jokey fun for James, and too pricey for me. We found these in Debenhams, they were at £7, when we bought them they had been reduced to £5.60! So we plumped for them, and they sort of double for a little thank you to the men too, even though they are pink, which James doesn't think they'll thank me for. Oh well, you can't have everything. Now I want to find socks for them all too. Anal, you say? why yes, I am. and proud. but I ain't putting that on a t-shirt!

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