Saturday, 10 October 2009

pretty posies.

I've talked about the ideas I have for the wedding flowers before, here, and my new found love of gypsophilia, here. Today, I went to the florists I want to use to talk to them about my flowers. I know its very early to be going to a florists, but I'm still on a 'get everything done early as I can cos I always leave things to the last minute and then flap, and I'm moving next year' sort of mission at the moment (except when it comes to talking to the lady at my venue cos shes scary). These are not ideas set in stone, but they have been formed in this way in my head for some time now, so I'm fairly certain of them now. I have a month to think about everything that we talked about, and if we're happy we pay our deposit. To be honest, I'm not asking for anything that breaks barriers here, so I'm pretty happy with what she told me. She said that I can pretty much change anything, including my whole colour scheme right up to a month before the wedding! So here's a sort of run down of what we've covered so far.
My bouquet: a combination of the roses above (or the closest colours to those that she can find at her wholesalers), clustered around a few purple ornamental cabbages to make a tight, but not too neat handtie, with a 'collar' of gypsophilia round the edge of the bouquet.

Bridesmaids: the same shape and size as mine, but made purely of the cream roses, clustered around a few cream ornamental cabbages, again with a collar of gypsophilia.

I'm going to take her some lace near the time, and the stems of all our bouquets will be wrapped with it. These were all inspired by this Lusan Mandongus advert:

(whose dresses, by the way, are stunning)
buttonholes/corsages: James asked for sea holly. or rather, we asked for 'those blue thistles', which are apparently called sea holly. I'm such a pleb. he's had them before at a wedding, and he likes them because they don't wilt. he's such a practical man :)

The mums, and James sister, we may decide nearer the time, at the moment its probably a cream rose corsage, although she did say that if I wasn't bothered about everyone matching perfectly, then each lady could go and see her nearer the time to pick something that matches their outfit.which is nice.
Venue: our reception doesn't need too much decoration, in fact I'd almost verge on 'it doesn't need any decoration'. She very kindly decided to give me honest advice, based around the fact that her brother had his reception there too, and the tables really aren't that wide that you can afford anything large on them, so she was fine not to put anything down for the venue thankfully.
Church: I've fallen in love with gypsophilia on this wedding journey. I particularly love this tiny tiny gyp, which my florist tells me is probably called million star gyp, in case any of you are interested. It looks like little clouds floating above the table, I love that it pretty much takes no arranging, is cheap as chips, and is a perfect colour for weddings. Our church, as I said in my original gypsophilia post, has large window ledges all along the aisle, and I'm thinking of filling them with vases of this, rather like the second picture below. She was totally fine with this, with me buying masses of gyp through her, and then arranging it after the rehearsal or something on the Friday.

photo: the brides cafe

I think that's it all for the moment, that was rather long wasn't it! seems all my flower posts get rather extended, it must be all the pretty pictures.


  1. It all sounds lovely, excited about your wedding! :)

  2. Rebecca, it sounds stunning- i adore gysophilia- we had clouds of it for our wedding flowers with colourful ribbon. I love the collar idea though- and i love it in those vases- so simple and elegant and cool too

  3. Oooo lovely flower ideas. Doesn't the gysophilia look good bunched together!

  4. The flowers sound great!!! I'm all for getting as much done as early as we can. I've not had the time to do anything too weddingy lately and it's great knowing that at least we've gotten quite a bit done. Can't wait to hear about the rest of your plans!!!