Saturday, 24 October 2009


Some of you might remember me posting this a while ago, about my parents selling their house, the only home I've ever known, to move up to Hexham, about 40 minutes away from me. Well, they moved yesterday, and today spend their first night in their new home, with many many boxes, and a rather confused cat. Tomorrow we are getting up early to go and spend the day with them, unpack boxes, and let my dad act like a hyperactive 15 year old (he's 66 for the record). It will be rather a novelty only having to travel for 40 minutes to see them, the journey having taken 5 hours every time until now, and Mum and I are looking forward to the idea that we can pop over and see each other FOR THE DAY if we want to. Go shopping, 0ut for lunch, or just spend time together, but go home to our own beds in the evening. It will be lovely. so heres to new beginnings. cheers. Have a lovely sunday, all you lovely people. xx


  1. That's lovely that they're going to be so close to you now. My folks live about an hour away too but I hardly see them which I've been trying to change! Have fun unpacking and settling in!!

  2. Yay! I loved when my Mum lived only 40 minutes away, it was so nice to see here for the day. Now she's many miles and hours away, which sucks.