Thursday, 22 October 2009

wedding list idea #2

Ok, I know the idea for these posts seems somewhat greedy, but that isn't the intention. Plenty of blogs I like write posts about things they've seen on their travels, internet based or otherwise, so I don't think that its so different doing this. Its also just a way for me to show you the things that I like, things that deserve appreciation, and things I think you guys might like too!
Right. anyway, onto the item itself. or in this case, company. Melin Tregwnt. They are a welsh company, using traditional weaving techniques, with modern colour combinations. I've loved them for several years now, I mean, look at those colours!

I would happily take home any item from this company, although I'd prefer it to be from their home section rather than the fashion items (yes they do fashion too, coats and slippers and bags and such. look here). In particular though, I would like an aubergine and/or a greeny gold throw, and one of these lampshades!


Ok, I'm kidding, I'd like all of those lampshades...


  1. I love that company! They are based not too far from where i live so we have visited a few times often with a little gift for the house, lol. I have never seen the lamp shades though, so fab!

  2. oooh yes. My christmas list is getting longer every day. A benefit of my blog reading sabbatical that was unrealised until right now was that I was blissfully unaware of all of the beautiful stuff that I simply can't live without.

  3. Oh how I love a wonderfully warm welsh blanket. Bless my heritage! Oh the sneaky peaks at the aubergine page I have enjoyed over the past few months!