Sunday, 18 October 2009

Reasons to love October #3

Several blogs I follow did this post or similar recently (Becky, Fay, Catherine, and Trishiekoh, who living on the other side f the world gets to talk about spring instead!) so I feel like a bit of a fraud, but I thought I'd show you what its like around here just now.
... Tree lined paths carpeted with leaves (this incidentally leads to the in laws)....
...Scarlet japanese maples in the chinese gardens. (I am aware how culturally incorrect that sounds)...

...a tree showing the full spectrum of autumn colours. healthy green leaves on the inside, changing to yellow, through to red on the outside....
...and this golden yellow sycamore outside my windows that looks gorgeous in the sun.


  1. The colours of fall are indeed beautiful, my fav seasons are spring and autumn. not too warm not too cold!

  2. Not a fraud at all, part of the reason I love blogging is hearing about other people's experiences of the same thing, seasons, films, recipes, whatever! Gorgeous photos.

  3. What a great Autumn it has been. Thanks for sharing your Autumn with us. It's always lovely to see what someone else is seeing.

  4. Gorgeous! And hey I think you started it...