Friday, 6 November 2009

pots and pans.

I thought I'd just show you what I found at the mill on the edge of town yesterday. I don't go there often, I really should though. They print fabrics by companies like Romo, Jane Churchill, John Lewis, loads of lovelies. Sometimes they're seconds, sometimes not, but its a great place to get cheaper but still great quality fabrics. They had a jane churchill fabric there that I've been dreaming of for months. I'd been to an interiors shop for a swatch of it, and she'd told me the release of it was being delayed (which isn't a problem since I don't live in the house I want to put it in yet!) but they had it there! One of the leaves was slightly the wrong colour, a sort of limey green instead of yellow, but it was great to see it in real life. And I still love it!

Anyway, while I was there I found this:

isn't it cute? It was the colander on there that did it for me...
I bought a metre for £7.50, and its a generous metre at that. Our kitchen has two walls in that deep red, and I have a canvas which has a different fabric over it at the moment which I'm going to recover with this one instead, and put it up in the kitchen. I'll show you the finished things when its up, I love it!

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