Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Sugar award

Hello all, again I'm sorry that I've not been here much recently, there's a lot of changes going on at work, and wedding wise all is quiet (mainly because I'm avoiding facing the things that I really need to sort at the moment, but hopefully I will soon). I've still been here, reading your blogs and posting about irrelevant things like pompoms (I'm up to 16 by the way). In the meantime though, Buhdoop gave me this award, which always makes me feel better of a morning! (Thank you Buhdoop) so I have to pass it onto ten other bloggers, and tell you ten things about myself :).

I'm going to try and pass this onto some of the newer blogs I've been enjoying, so...


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phew! enjoy, all of you! you get to pass it onto 10 others, and post ten things about yourselves too.

And now for my ten things...

1)I love love love Christmas. hence why I'm spending my evenings making pompoms to drape across my fireplace come December. I find Christmas window displays quite inspiring, I really want some of the gigantic purple baubles in the NEXT Christmas windows to hang over my stairs. I could go on.

2)I love coffee, but don't get tea at all. I'm sorry, it tastes like dirty water. Don't hate me.

3)I'm just starting to like fish. I think it was the bones, and I don't like smoked flavours, but I've come round to salmon now, and fish pie/cakes. in fact, I'm starting to crave the stuff!

4)I'm just starting to learn how to wear heels. not big ones, but James bought me some lovely small-heel-tan-leather-mary-janes that I wanted recently, I'm training my feet by wearing them at work for increasing periods at work.

5)I collect images and samples of things I love in interiors/home decoration. We are moving next year (more on this to come but its a tricky subject to write about) so I keep images of things that I like and put them in a sketchbook so I don't forget what I like!

6)I'm really loving this blogging lark, everyone I've 'met' virtually on here has been wonderfully supportive and really inspire me. Thank you to everyone who comments on here, I love reading your reactions and opinions, and most of all your own blogs!

7)I would love to be able to knit, I know how to do the stitches, but I can't ever cast on neatly, and I have a tendency to forget my pattern of stitches halfway through so I end up pulling it all apart.

8)I'd also love to learn upholstery. That would be an amazing skill.

9)I'm really superdooper excited because I literally just a moment ago saw an advert for Spooks starting tomorrow on BBC! so so so excited!

10)Florence and the machine is permanently on my ipod at the moment. I really really love them, and I don't care who knows it :) I know some of the songs have slightly morbid ideas, but I don't care. I find her voice, and the music really uplifting. You can see me grinning my way across the bridge in Carlisle nearly every day because of Florence. that is, if any of you were mad enough to come here.

That was harder than I thought! over to you lot now...


  1. Im so excited about Spooks too but cant quite forgive them for getting rid of Adam!

    and yep, with you on loving christmas too!

  2. A comment full of thanks;
    thank you for the award, thank you for the reminder about Spooks and finally thanks for the blog help yesterday.

  3. I know Gaynor, and more so Harry, hes meant to be indestructible!

  4. eee, thank you for the award! I love christmas too, especially window displays and I cant stop listening to Florence and the machine either :)

  5. I would really love to learn upholstery too, it's totally amazing!
    Thanks for the award, made my day :)

  6. what a lovely Birthday treat - thank you - i will get to work on passing it on as soon as i can!

  7. Aww thank you – that's so sweet of you. I'm a huge florence and the machine fan too – going to see them in december - very exciting! :D

  8. Aah - thank you so much for my award - it's really cheered me up!

    Very strangely, I was actually 'tagged' to write ten things about me recently - here are my mumblings: http://cowdycalling.blogspot.com/2009/10/ten-things-about-me.html

    PS - I LOVE Spooks but actually can't watch it since they got rid of Adam - it was too heartbreaking! Thus - having read the comments - I was like 'Harry? They've got rid of HARRY now?? Aaaagh!!'

  9. Congrats on your award! Just came across your blog and looking forward to coming along for the wedding planning ride!

  10. thanks for the award! I love your corner of the blog world too, and have been enjoying reading your posts (and now I really have to get back to work! doh!) :)
    x Pepper

  11. I've been fantasising a lot recently about learning upholstery too - and love love love Christmas!