Friday, 18 December 2009

Thank you...

Just a quick post to say thank you to Louise from Postcards from behind the hedge and beyond who sent me one of these lovely cards that she made with one of the Christmas lists suggested to her while ago. A lovely surprise when I got home late last night!I was very confused for a while as it was lying front down on the doormat, and I was sure I knew your name but couldn't place it at all Louise, then when I turned it over it all made sense. Its hanging with my other Christmas cards, but is definitely getting kept when Christmas is over!

In other news, I've been avoiding posting recently partly because I'm so busy at work at the moment, but also because I can see myself careering towards my hundredth post, and I felt sort of like I should be doing something momentous with it, but I just know that that wont happen at the moment. Anyway, while I'm here, I must just share these things I've seen tonight, some of which may have unfortunately added *more* things to do to my Christmas crafting lists... uh oh....

This felt ball wreath by Pickles via For the easily distracted and Black.White.Yellow. Yum, just yum.

This wreath at Emma Lamb

People who keep wrapping presents with doilies.

That, and thanks to spare thoughts, who remembers what I'm doing tomorrow! Thank you :)


  1. oh I LOVE this card!!!! the list and then the specifics. cuuuute

  2. glad it arrived without too much of a bashing by the post office!

  3. Can I just say..... I DID IT TOO!!!! Dress is ordered, also not the one I was going for. Post to follow, I'm so excited. Can't wait to see what you have gone for.

  4. I had a look at the felt wreath (amazing!) at Black.White.Yellow and was surprised to see hanging next to it a garland of triangles that look very similar to the ones that I've been making for my tree out of felt scraps strung on gold lame yarn left over from my christmas cards project! Now I feel really cool! Love the postcard too, excellent idea.