Thursday, 10 December 2009

Trees up, Ornament swap!

So you've seen little snippets of the ornament I'd made for my swap partner, well last night I got home to not one, not two, but three parcels. Made my boring day much better! two were Christmas presents from family, which are now sitting under the tree, and one was from this lovely lady! I was so excited, especially when one of the THREE parcels started jingling! Yes, Krissa sent me three ornaments, and I love them all!
She gave me a reason for choosing each one:
- a pig, because she loves them;
- something to remind me what Christmas is all about;
- and something homemade and purple;
I can't decide which I like best, although I do love the owl because he looks like he wants to hug you! Here's a (bad) picture of one of them hanging on the tree, I wish I could take better pictures in my home, but we like lots of table lamps which don't make for good picture lighting.
While I'm at it, I must show you a couple of pictures of the tree up, and decorated. Its ridiculously big! We went to a tree farm this year, where they cut them down in front of you, but they told us there were very few at the height everyone wants, so they were cutting the tops off the taller trees as they needed a cull anyway to make ready for the next year. He pointed to a tree with a break in the branches at an appropriate height to make a 6foot tree, so we went for it. the Norwegian spruce was only £4 a foot, so we got this tree for £24. We thought it was a bit taller than he said it was, but it touches our ceiling! (our flat is part of an old house, we measured, the ceilings are 10 foot high!) its a bit of a monstrosity, but I love it :) (to give you an idea of scale, that mirror on the right, you can see your head in the lower half of that, and I'm nearly 6 foot tall!)

We can't fit the tree (whatever height) into the living room in this house, so to compensate I have this twisty willow with some little ornaments my Mum gave me hanging on it. I love this willow, it doesn't look half so halloween-esque as it appear here, and the twigs frame each ornament nicely.

Here's a couple of my favourites from the twisty willow - sleeping walnut couple, and skiing Santa:

thanks again Krissa, for the lovely ornaments, they made my day!


  1. Oh love them all, but I must say that the owl is probably my favourite too! Tree looks beautiful.

  2. oh my goodness!!! yours are my favorite ornaments ever!!! Krissa is THE SWEETEST isn't she? she's precious and i'm glad you got to meet her through my swap :)

    i love that she gave you something she loves and the sentiments behind each ornament. What a special swap! and your tree is so so pretty.

    where or where did you get the little willow? LOVE!

    and the sleeping walnut couple? MY FAVORITE ORNAMENT EVER. EVER. how sweet! where did you get that one?

    Rebecca, thanks sooo very much for being a part of something that meant a lot to me. YOU ARE LOVELY!!!


  3. Micaela, i got the twisty willow last year at the florists, and the little ornaments on there are ones my mum had when I was little. her cousin used to sell them i think, I seem to remember them being german? I might be wrong though, I often am...

  4. Rebecca, they are ADORABLE!!!! thank you for sharing. I HAD to post about them, they're LOVELY! :)


    sweetest ornament i've ever seen!

  5. Your tree is beautiful! And your decorations are super sweet! x

  6. My ornaments arrived in the mail yesterday, too! So exciting and such a perfect end to a long and sometimes difficult day. Glad you liked yours. They look lovely on your tree! Mine were from Micaela herself... and they're super cute.

    I agree with Micaela about the little sleeping couple. Cutest ever!

  7. Oh hooray for christmas! It looks beautiful.

  8. Oh wow, now that is the tree that all christmas dreams are made of! What fun to have chosen it and had it cut down for you. This is why I need to move out of London!

  9. lovely! your tree looks so cute!

  10. Cute ornaments! i love the willow on the wall, great idea!

  11. That lovely star looks as though it's made of gingerbread - I bet someone gives it a go before the season is over.