Sunday, 20 December 2009

more dress.

I suppose I should show you the results of my weekend, or at least my Saturday morning. As any of you who read My Spare Thoughts will have gathered, we went dress shopping for the wedding. Seems somewhat appropriate then, that my 100th post on what was started as a wedding blog, is about my wedding dress choice. I'm a little nervous about talking about this, it's such a personal choice and I've already talked about how much I love another dress, and how I was certain that that would be the one I bought, and now my decision has changed! (I've just re-read the end of that post, rather ironic given what I'm writing now.)
Anyway...On saturday, we went back to my wonderful bridal shop friend, who had been putting me off ordering my dress for several months because she had some more dresses coming in that she knew I would love. How right she was. I had a quick look through the racks while we were talking, and was immediately struck by the dress I'm going to show you. So struck, in fact, that none of us (mum, bridesmaid, dress shop friend, or me) felt the need to even see the original dress again, or to try on any others. Its not actually even shockingly different from the previous one, but its just felt right. So without any more blathering...

image: highsocietybirdal blog

My lovely bridesmaid took a few photos of my wearing the dress, which I might post when I get them if they look ok (or 'chop my head off to retain my anonymity' - R!). Its a new design from Suzanne Neville, and it just feels perfect to me. My original reason for not wanting an a-line skirt was to do with personal space - ie having too much of it to look after. However, not only did this skirt not feel too structured in that respect, but I had privately been having an ongoing debate in my head between the relative merits of a fishtail or a-line for a few weeks so when I stepped into this dress it sort of resolved that argument for me. The ruching across the bodice is far more natural tha the more formal pleating on the other dress, which was what we would have changed on it if we had had the option, and the rosette on the hip was just perfect. I felt like me in it, which was wonderful.

I think I've also mentioned before, (possibly, I don't remember) that I wrote my dissertation on eco-textiles, and it originally made me want to have a dress made in a more 'suitable' material. This has been quite a journey for me too. At first, and for quite a while, when we went to our wedding shop, we were looking for the style of dress I wanted, and were then going to find a pattern to suit, and make a dress from scratch. As time went on I was basically wanting the first dress I showed you, and it seemed rather silly - not to mention time consuming - to just copy a very expensive designer dress, just in a different material. So my darling dress lady spoke to her contact at the designers, to see if they would consider making it in a material we had found from an organic supplier of silks. Thankfully, the answer has come back as yes, after they saw some swatches of our chosen material. (this may not be something they will always do, I left it up to wonderful dress lady, and her lovely telephone manner, don't shoot me if they don't say yes to you) So I've had my measurements taken - who knew they would need so many! - and I'm just waiting to find out a price. Wonderful dress lady (this will forever be her name) is going to make me a little bolero jacket with poufy 3/4 length sleeves in some of the same silk, just to keep my shoulders warm on what will undoubtedly be a cold October day.

Once again, I'll await your thoughts, I hope you don't find me too much of a hypocrite for changing my mind, I'm well aware that at various points I've said how set I am on a certain point, and then I may have gone and changed my mind, silly fickle little me.


  1. It's your wedding dress. You are allowed to buy/like whatever you want, no apologies necessary.

    P.S. LOVELY gown.

  2. haha, your first dress choice was the other suzanne neville dress I really liked (we seem to have quite similar taste). Still think your dress is stunning and so glad they can make it in the fabric you want.

    Oh and I'm really really sorry about the chopping your head off comment - it did sound quite brutal eh?!

  3. it made me laugh R, which is all that matters in my book. and yes, we do seem to have rather similar tastes!

  4. It's beautiful! I cant wait to see pics of you wearing it, the cut and shape is lovely and very classic. Yay for you finding the dress x

  5. It is a beautiful dress. I agree with Cupcake Wedding though - it is all a matter of personal taste and you never know when you're gonna find THE dress so change your mind all you want. I certainly did! :)

  6. Ooooh gorgeous dress (sorry must have missed this post earlier!) and everyone is allowed to change their mind as often as they like!