Sunday, 3 January 2010

a few of my favourite christmas things...

Just before it becomes to obscenely late to blog about Christmas, I thought I'd share my best bits of with you all.

Watching rabbits, and pheasants stroll through Mum and Dads garden on Christmas morning, leaving tracks in the snow:

Walking through the snow in my New Shoes:

the Lovely Cushion that ma-in-law also got me, which I'm trying not to squash lest it come to the same fate as the other cushions in our living room:

Our humongous reading pile, which has more to be added to it still thanks to an amazon voucher! the reference books in the pile are James, its amazing how much a good dictionary/encyclopedia aids a crossword...

The two at the top of that pile are 'advice on courtship and marriage' - from James sister - and 'Don'ts for husbands'. my favourite snippet is:

'A good husband will allow his life companion a bank account, and will exact no itemised bill at the end of the month. Above all, he will pay the Easter bonnet bill without a word, never bring a friend to dinner without first telephoning home'

sage advice, I think you'll agree.

My other best bits from Christmas, sans pictures:

  • all of us, going to the midnight mass at Hexham abbey, and walking past the park with the trees strung with giant squiggles of lights. (and singing descants in the mass because I just had to)
  • Joking with auntie Mary (great aunt Mary if you please) about how she must be the queen because they've never been seen together, and with her cracker crown on it must be true.
  • possibly the tiniest camera in the world, outside of James Bond...
  • falling asleep within 20 minutes of lunch.
  • seeing how much Mum had wanted the book I got her, and how much more surprised she was that it was signed for her!

All in all, a very lovely Christmas.

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  1. New books and red shoes: I call that a pretty good Christmas.