Friday, 19 March 2010

Table centres

I've looked for these for ages now, I was starting to think a trek to ikea was in order, when I found 2 stores in this town that I had forgotten about. I found several options, to be honest I've been sold on a hurricane lamp from the other one of the two shops for about a week now, but when we went to get them today, the price had gone up by £1.50! So I got annoyed with that shop, and we went to look in the other one instead, where we found these bowls. I wasn't entirely sure about them for a while, but we brought one home, with candle, as you see, and tried it out, and sent photos to my mum (what I always do if I'm not sure about something). Mum, after not being sure from my phone description, now says that she prefers these to the original hurricanes we bought, especially since bowls are more useful afterwards if we end up keeping them...
The chillies are still up for debate to some extent, but while they dont match the bridesmiads colours really (which I'm not too bothered about), they do match the dining room at the venue perfectly, as it is painted red. I'm now of the opinion that its probably more important to have decoration in that room which matches the room, rather than 3 dresses dotted around the place...


  1. I love these bowls! &the chillies look rad

    You know, you could also trial doing floating candles, perhaps with some petals floating in there too, and/or colored pebbles in the bottom? You'd get some lovely light effects.

    still loving the chillies though :D

  2. thank you :) I might try and find some red rosebuds to make it a bit more weddingy, pink ones seem much easier to come by on ebay though. all the red ones are blessed by tibetan monks, and cost £20. seriously.
    I was going to say something else but its gone again. ugh.

  3. creative idea! I love incorporating foods into centerpieces.