Sunday, 25 April 2010

church music.

I want to tell you that we chose our entrance and exit music last week. I want to put a youtube video here of each piece. I can't find the entrance piece on you tube. this annoys me. We are (as long as the vicar and my cousin the organist are OK with it) going to walk in to Arthur Bliss' wedding fanfare - apparently what princess Margaret walked into at her wedding. When dad played it for us last week, I got goosebumps.
We are going to walk out, to this:

Vidor's toccata is the piece of music that the cathedral organist played at the end of every term service at school (I went to a cathedral school, so we got big end of term services there) so I have a lot of fond memories of this piece. It goes on for a while, so don't feel you have to watch it all! We were worried that the length of the piece would mean that my poor cousin would be stuck inside the church while everyone else was outside, so we think that James and I will maybe do an unofficial welcome line in the church porch, to slow the exodus from the church, and allow everyone (including us!) to hear my cousins amazing organ playing skills. That also leaves us at the back of the queue if we're allowed confetti!


  1. It is lovely. Love that your cousin is going to play the organ.

    P.s. thanks for your nice comment on my blog x

  2. That is a good idea, we are going to ask O's sister to play her fiddle while we sign the register and get photos taken. Although we do need to ask first.