Friday, 23 April 2010

one track mind.

(and not the one you think)

for the last two days, James has been wearing sample wedding rings from here. they will send out silver versions in the exact size and shape you want for you to try before you buy. this has been invaluable since James has never worn jewellery in his life. I keep catching him looking at it oddly, like an insect has taken up residence on his ring finger. In fact, I keep looking at it oddly. its nice to see him with it on. (don't tell me if its bad luck, I don't want to know).
Anyway, last night, as we were turning out the light, I was playing with it on his hand.

James: 'don't do that, I'll take it off'

Me: 'no, its nice, its a symbol of our lunch!'

Seriously. I think about food, all the time.


  1. oops! I'm impressed that he is still wearing the ring.

  2. it was the pear chutney that made me say it.

  3. Love it - Mr B says crazy stuff like that all the time when he's tired. So funny.

    That is so neat that they send you tester rings. Wish they did that here.

  4. P.s. That bad luck stuff is bull sh*t. Seriously. How do you know it will fit if you don't try it on?

  5. Oooh I didn't know you could get a trial ring to see how it feels... v cool. Much to learn I have!

  6. zoe, they are really useful. we got them because James wanted titanium, which can't be resized, so it was important to know what his size was, and none of the shops that we went to in town (hick town) had the shape he wanted, otherwise we could have done it in the shop. I didn't know about this place until my lovely bridesmaid told me thats where they got her husbands ring. the postage is quite a bit, but its recorded delivery, with a return recorded delivery envelope already stamped too. well worth it.