Thursday, 1 April 2010

serendipitous shopping.

The magic combination of finding anenomes at a florists while also having money - tick

Finding probable perfect bridesmaids/bridal shoes in unexpected places - tick.
Having both lunch, and dinner out with friends - tick

Rug that I couldn't find anywhere on display in metro centre M&S - tick.

Letting me buy it for £50 instead of £150 - super tick.

I love it when a plan comes together.


  1. Eeek those flowers are delicious!

    Also super tick for the rug. The boy is in the north this weekend maybe he should pop over to the metro centre!

  2. tick, tick, tick sounds like a fantastic day. The rug is lovely I can see why you were so desperate to get it.

  3. the colours are bettr in real life, ts redder and plummier and well, every colour is stronger, just I have no large open spaces to lie it in, so i wedged it in the hallway to hoover and photograph it!

  4. Good buy on that rug! You have some mad shopping skillz.

    I love days where all the boxes get ticked.

  5. That rug is lovely!!! The price is even more awesome!!