Friday, 2 April 2010

wedding rings. (plea for help!)

We started the hunt for our wedding rings last weekend, I did *not* think I would find this so dificult. perhaps its because out of everything to do with the wedding, its one of the only things that will be with me, I'll carry on me, and see, every day for the rest of my life.
James found the style he likes fairly quickly, plus he doesnt have an engagement ring to work around! we are going to order some samples from a shop online, they send you out replicas in silver I think, in exact sizes/shapes/styles so that you can see for comfort and fit what works best. We've got to be sure on size for him, as he wants his ring in titanium, which can't be resized.

I've been to a couple of jewellers now, and tried quite a few on, and I may carry on doing so, but I was just wondering if you lovely ladies have any hidden resourses of beautiful jewellery that you'd like to share? I'm not saying I'm going to go there and buy the very ring you show me, so if you want to keep your little jeweller craftsman a secret feel secure, I'm just trying to get ideas. That also means if you'e in the USA and want to share, you can :)

The only ideas I've had so far are that I'd like something delicate(ish), I'm interested in the idea that it look almost like wirework perhaps. I'll probably use two colours of gold, as I have my grannys wedding ring which I would like to incorporate if possible. and having tried on several wishbone rings, I dont think I want anything that extends beyond the point of the diamond on my engagement setting. I like it when things lock together nicely. Also I'd like to be able to wear it without my engagement ring if possible, in case that day ever comes when I take this baby off. sniff sniff. (that looks more picky when its written down, I promise I'm not really!)

Therefore, although major kudos to R for finding it, this wouldn't work. I still think its super cool though!

I am a little bit in love with this ring.
all right, a lot.


  1. Such an exciting decision! But a big one, no doubt.
    Thanks for the heads up on the etsy fp - woo!

  2. I'm quite often swooning over Rust jewellery and they do wedding rings beautifully.

  3. That's a very cool ring with the slotting-in thing... Afraid I have no wedding ring resources. Me and the OH have just started talking about this. Me: I think it would be nice to have rings that matched in some way. Him: Oh I was thinking I would just get a plain band.

    I see trouble ahead!

    Good luck! x

  4. Yes to the pretty rust!

    Cannot wait to hear other ideas!

  5. mmm, I have been swooning over rust too, I'm going to go back and have another look I think...
    I just never saw this being a problem!

  6. I'm here, I'm here basking in the kudos annoyed that I can't find a solution for you.
    Firstly how fricking amazing is your engagement ring. It is beautiful, so unique - what period is it from? Have you thought about contacting an antique dealer who specialises in jewellery from that period and see if they have any suggestions on what wedding rings would have been worn with it? I think the ring that you show would work well with your ring it could be made much more delicate and come much closer to a full circle if not be made into a full circle. Will mail you a list of website which may have potential ideas. x

  7. could you perhaps wear your engagment ring on your other hand and wear just your wedding band on wedding finger? Just a thought. Beautiful ring, really unusual. x

  8. i have the teeniest, slimmest, most delicate silver band i could find. just a plain band- but the itty-bittiness of it makes it so feminine and different. people comment all the time, before they realize it's just my wedding ring.

  9. LOVE your engagement ring!!!! It is hard to find something to match - took me AGES. I ended up going with a guy from ebay who makes all his rings from vintage molds - can't remember his name, but it's buried in my blog under rings and shiny things if you get a minute!

    Best of luck with the search

  10. oooh thank you Mrs T, I'll have a look at that.
    Liz, I am leaning towards something very fine, I was told that bit can be cut out from the underside of my ring so that a straight flat band can go underneath, but I'd have to speak to them about how flat it would have to be because of the way my engagement ring is made. I don't know, I'm not a jeweller!
    I'm just going to sit on it (the ideas, not my ring) for a while, see what Ideas I still like in a few weeks I think. thank you all for your ideas, feel free to keep them coming!

  11. Friends of ours went to a jeweller where you can design and then make the ring too (with supervision of course). Not sure if there will be something similar where you are but you can probably work with a jeweller to come up with a ring to match your engagement ring. Gorgeous ring, by the way!!! :)

  12. My best suggestion is to search Etsy for a designer you like and then contact them about making a ring that coordinates with your engagement ring. Yours is really cool. I love it.

    My designer is My Heart Monster and she was amazing to work with. She has a very different aesthetic from your ring though.