Thursday, 29 April 2010

thoughts on details, with many brackets.

my head is full of wedding thoughts again. (When was it ever not). I feel like I'm mentally working on about 5 different parts of it at the moment, so I'm hoping that by writing this down again (to compliment the lists, you understand) my head may de-fog a bit.

Current thoughts:
headband - how to make/what to make/ custom order on etsy?
stationery - specifically invitations, and maps to go inside.
My ring - I have one design stuck in my head since the lovely R put up with being trooped round many many ring shops selling all the same rings last week. I'm going to my jeweller man tomorrow to talk about getting a similar one made.
that elusive 3rd umbrella - I know I can get it online, but it annoys me that its double the price of tkmaxx.
clutch bags for the girls - this should be underway next week, I've done a trial run following a fantastic tutorial online, I'm just waiting for the paycheck to go into my account so I can buy the purse frames for the real things!

oddly, transport is not on my mind, this seems to have gone onto a back burner, and we really must get it sorted.

Its odd that its the details that currently concern me most about the wedding. I know that on the day, I'll likely not notice most of them, but it satisfies me to know that I accomplished something. I've read many posts on details mattering, not mattering, being the single most important point of the day, and so on. I have to say for me, right now, they do. I'm an arts graduate for heavens sake, I spent 5 years at college being taught about colour and composition and style. I know that it makes me no more married at the end of the day, and that I will enjoy my wedding because I will be surrounded by love and friends and smiles, but I can't help, right now, carrying the strap of a bridesmaids dress in my wallet so i can check it matches ribbons and ties and envelopes.

I think James understands this better than my parents some of the time, hes understood my need to buy umbrellas for the bridesmaids (its called preparation), he even participated in the choosing of colours for them, instead of telling me I was mad (I am a bit). He let me take him round tie selling establishments til I found ones that somehow, wonderfully, match every colour in the bridesmaids dresses.

I'm also learning to say no. to cross, rather than tick things off my list, because really, its going to stress me more than please me. making pashminas for the girls has gone this way, even though I am a weaver, its much finer than I'm used to working, and there was the aspect of sourcing materials too. I've seen some in monsoon that are the perfect colour instead. I thought I would find it hard to cross, rather than tick that one off, but it was actually a blessed relief. The venue gave us another small get out clause the other day too, they told us specifically NOT to do a table plan (unless we really want to).(which I don't).

I seem to spend my time mentally flitting from one of these thoughts to another, its actually quite tiring! I'm hopeful that in the next few days, I can get a couple more ticked off, odd how a little mark in a box can be so fulfilling!


  1. Aww I remember this so well. And it's true, those little things you spend so much time thinking about will most likely not be given a second thought on the day, but maybe that's because you've already thought about them so much?!

    I hope you get some peace and quiet and wedding planning free time - it really is so tiring!


  2. It is tiring trying to think of everything all at the same time. I rewrote the to-do list the other day it doesn't seem to get any shorter.

  3. mine isnt getting shorter, but I bet the things are getting more detailed...

  4. I can't remember a time when I didn't think about weddings. There must be a fairy light at the end of the tunnel!

  5. I think the details do totally matter; I got so many comments about everything at the wedding that it made it all worthwhile!

    I'm an architect so I wanted the design mattered to me more than it would to some!

    I totally carried around swatches of all 3 bits of my dress, the bridesmaids dresses, grahams kilt, our stationery card & our stationery ribbons right until the end just in case!

  6. Bloody umbrellas! I bought five for my girls and then we had a heat wave. Grrrrr