Saturday, 1 May 2010

tick, tick, tick.

I don't mean to brag, but yesterday was mega ticks in boxes day. It felt gooooooood.
1: before I was even out of pj's, I bought metal purse frames from u-handbag to try and make the 4 of us bags. I've done a trial run with a smaller frame following the really helpful tutorials that they have on their blog, so I now understand the theory of it all, so hopefully I can make bags for us. eeek. I've bought a remnant of white dupion silk from work, and I got some pink satin backed dupion for the inside lining, and I'm going to try and put a big bow on the front.

2: I went into town and bought:
  • ribbon to try and make headband with
  • a paper punch that cuts gift tags
  • 3 pashminas from accessorize
  • 3 hairclips from accessorize
  • a pair of lace fingerless gloves for one of the girls who I think will like them (from accessorize!)

3: I went to the jewellers and took them the design we had seen for my ring in Glasgow. I feel better about showing you it now, as its started (!!!). Its based round this ring:


Imagine, if you will, that on one side, two of the pieces part more significantly, to make a bigger notch for my ring to fit in. When I have drawn it (or had it drawn for me by a lady in glasgow who then let me TRY THE PAPER ON - had to get it in somewhere R) its been more asymmetrical than it is here, which I like. Anyway, the upshot is that the jeweller man liked it, said it was perfectly doable, and then took my engagement ring off me :( so that he can work on fitting my wedding ring around it. I get my engagement ring back next Friday, and I think there might be something to try on as well. Big tick :) I'm now having to wear another ring so that i don't feel like I've lost my real ring!

phew. what with also going to a paper mill, morrisons, picking up a friend from college, and sitting down, it was quite a busy day!


  1. Ooo ticking things off a to do list is such a satisfying feeling isn't it? Well done you, and a great start to the Bank Holiday weekend. Stunning ring, can't wait to see the final thing.

  2. Hi, I'm just catching up on blogs from the last two months! Wow your wedding is getting close now, and you've done so much! I'll keep catching up with what you've done and can't wait to see your plans over the next few months.

  3. Alright show off! hehehe only kidding. Can't wait to see the ring and gosh that is quick if you can try something on by Friday. I'm glad you've decided not to kill yourself making the pashminas the accessorise ones are lovely. yippee for ticking things off the list.

  4. maybe I can't try anything on, although I think there might be something as they need to have fitted it around my ring by then cos I get it back? I dont know. oh well, nice surprise if there is, I get my ring back either way though.

  5. Good ticking there lady and the ring sounds like it is going to be fabulous!

    Now tell me tell me - where did you buy the punch that makes gift tags? Ooo I needy need! Be so grateful if you can help!

  6. google 'woodware crafts' they make tons. you cant buy on their own website, but they show every shape on there. they seem to be stocked everywhere and you can find out where from their website. mine is a 3" punch, a decent sized label maker, but it comes in smaller sizes too.

  7. Can't wait to see your ring, sounds really fabulous. And yay for ticking boxes.

  8. Yay for ticking things off! Your ring sounds fab. You must be missing your engagement ring though!

  9. I am Mrs T, but I go get it back today! :D

  10. oh I hated not having my ring.. I hope she won't take mine off me again.. pleased it's back safe and sound..

    now you are doing a lot of ticking.. really should be doing more myself.. ummm what can I achieve this weekend..?

  11. The ring sounds amazing!! It's good ticking things off. I've been looking at my list for the longest time and thinking I really need to get back into it.