Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Since I've started getting told off by a certain lady for not posting for ages, I thought I should get you up to speed with the last week.

Last monday, I got an email from our photographer, unfortunately pulling out of our wedding for various reasons. cue a little bit of foot stomping, there may have been a couple of tears, James may have had to make me dinner.

I then spent the next 3 day emailing various recommendations, looking constantly at wedding galleries until every wedding merged into one, and reading and being very thankful for positive, helpful, and generally nice emails from the same aforementioned lady, who quite frankly, I'm not sure I could have got through the week without. On Friday, just when I was getting worried that all wedding photographers would be away for the weekend, and I was really sick of spending more time on google, I got an answerphone message at work from this lady, who was actually free on our date! heaven forbid, a photographer, who takes lovely photos, free 5 months before the date? seemingly unheard of. Anyway, she is a delight. in the last 4 days she must have a had nearly 15 emails from Mum and I, and shes been nothing but wonderful about it all.

So that was the week that was last week, I'm glad its over! normal programming will resume shortly, probably with the headband I'm making, the invitations I'm not making, and the wedding shoes that have been sitting here for a month not being shown to the world. Oh, and we meet the vicar for the first of our wedding preparations tomorrow night. eeep!


  1. Awwww noooooooo! really sorry to hear about this. Very pleased you have it sorted though.

  2. Ooo, she is awesome. Crisis aversion first, blog second!

    (Sorry about the other photographer. I know how you feel!)

  3. Poo on a stick! But huzzah for getting sorted.

  4. @ a girl, 'poo on a stick' absolutely sums up last week. how eloquent of you :)
    @ anna, its pants isn't it, I'm sorry I didn't help you more when you needed it, but I don't know about photographers other than the ones I had. Crisis aversion was the order of the day.

  5. Erm I think I mentioned in passing that you hadn't posted in a while - that was not a telling off (this is a telling off - only joking ;D)
    Glad to have been there for you last week. You're not so bad at providing support for me too little lady (or tall lady? whatever)
    You have found a fantastic photographer, not only does she take brilliant photos but she is lovely and answers your emails and phone calls. Having looked through practically every photographer in the UK her photos really stand out.
    Still big hugs for the disappointment and a high 5 for the new lovely lady.

  6. @ spare thoughts, you have been a darling, I think etween us we might have looked at nearly every wedding in the Uk in the last year! glad to have it sorted, could not have done it without you, and we were definately the only people that understood the need for an answer RIGHT NOW!

  7. Sorry to hear about that but fabby that you have a new one!

  8. You poor thing! So glad it's turned out for the best. Ahh they joy of vendors pulling out!

  9. Oh no!! That's awful!! Good thing you found someone else amazing though!!