Sunday, 16 May 2010

the joys of (mostly) internet shopping.

I've had this ready to post for a while, but preparing for an imminent visit from best friends and goddaughters, and then having a visit (ongoing) from said goddaughter and friends has taken up most of the last week. She is so much fun at the moment, just walking, and starting to talk. yesterday she said hello to grandma on the phone, and eeyore at a donkey. Last night lovely bridesmaid came round, and two of my worlds collided when two bridesmaids met for the first time. my 'sister' (visiting best friend) and best friend (lovely bridesmaid) hugging and chatting in front of me made my day. And we're all the same height! definitely going to have to make that satin covered box the other bridesmaid was asking for...

Anyway, back to the regularly scheduled programming. I went a bit mad with my paycheck at the beginning of this month, I had written a list of all the things I had been eyeing up for a while and wrote out the prices, so that I could decide what to buy first. Instead I pretty much bought them all. they were all just detail items though, so it wasn't too bad. Anyway, here they are:

from sort of left to right, with links where possible:

  • fabric glue, for fixing bridesmaids clutch bags into the metal frames
  • lace letterpress cards from Papermash - these are gorgeous, delicate little cards, 6 in a pack, which I'm going to use for notes to the bridesmaids, and parents I think/
  • a large plum ink pad.
  • a luggage label cutter from woodware for the favour labels.
  • rubber stamps numbers set from cutetape (using a discount from a post on Oh, hello friend)
  • a massive reel of ribbon from the market, originally 100m, but sold by the metre so some had gone, they guessed 80m was left, which made it £11 and then they gave me 10% off on top. I'm going to use it for the invitations and orders of service etc etc
  • a black ink pad
  • a book of sheet music from a charity shop, which I might use to make confetti cones if I'm allowed confetti.
  • a broken ring box, from ebay, which I thought our rings could go in, but might not work.
  • adobe photoshop elements, as you can see, not only for the invitations, but also for my own work.
  • a bag of chain, for the clutch bags, from u-handbag
  • a doily rubber stamp, for use on all the stationery
  • a metal frame for the purses, also from u-handbag

It was a busy month for my wallet! what with also buying the pashminas etc, and just living in general. I've also since bought some lace and pink pearls for my headband, but that's for another post methinks.phew!


  1. Love the doily stamp, and the lace cards...felling lace inspired methinks!

  2. Ooh that was like reading a country living article! I love the descriptions of all of your purchases and good choices too. I can't wait to see how your invitations etc turn out x x

  3. neither can I fay, if only i would GET ON AND JOLLY WELL DO THEM!

  4. Yay for all your little details.
    Woop woop for friends meeting and getting on - it is always a nerve wrecking time, will they get on, will they not.

  5. All of these little bits and bobs soon add up don't they. I've got various packages arriving from all over the place as a result of my Internet shopping. A lot of your ideas are similar to mine - ribbon, rubber stamps, paper cutters - I'm looking forward to seeing how your invitations turn out.

  6. probably the best part of wedding planning is having an excuse for buying creative things.

    that and maybe the getting married part.

  7. Thanks again so much for your Label cutter shopping link.
    I have ordered the very same one from a gorgeous shop in Bloomsbury where I wanted to buy just about everything they had in stock! Love the crafty tools more than the crafting unfortunately!!

  8. Lol @Liz!

    @Bells, glad you liked it :)

  9. So many pretty things....

    Your goddaughter sounds adorable!

  10. Lots of lovely details!

    I want the new photoshop elements too, still working with version 2 at home and use it all the time so need to upgrade!

  11. Loving all the items you bought, especially the beethoven music book. If you're allowed confetti, that would make very pretty cones!! Can't wait to see the final results!!