Friday, 17 September 2010

appointments left right and centre.

I'm pretty sure if I don't write something soon, my only posts will be 'catching up' posts, so I've just dropped in quickly to say hi.

In the last week we have had hair trials which went fine, I only have a pic of the bridesmaid hair as mine was like mine but with a bit more oomph. there not much you can do with jaw length hair. Mums was the main worry or me as she hadn't met the girls before and she doesn't much like her hair at the moment anyway. all was good.

Then we went to the dress makers, tried on a toile of my jacket, which I've been back and tried on again since, and its lovely. 3/4 length sleeves with a little scrunch at the end, and a nice plain collar. sorry, no pictures.

mum and I went int othe church and decidd where to put the flowers - did i mention ever that due to health and safety vases on the window ledges were a no-go? well they are. so we are having one in the porch, one either side as you go in, the little wicker hearts hanging off the pew ends, a big pedastal in front of the altar rail, and then the church does the ones beyond the altar. I confirmed all that with the florist on monday, and we are going to try to make two of the gyp hearts ourselves to hang outside the doors at the venue.

we went to the venue on sunday to choose the menu, its looking scrummy! not going to post it yet, but I will at some point soon. Shes also sorted the bottles of yates beer for James, (its alocal beer) and we asked lots of other little questions, and got a lot sorted.

Lovely bridesmaid came over last night (thursday is going to be our wedding night) and we made the second batch of jam for the favours, and managed to finish it all, so it just needs labelled and the fabric put on top. We also chose the pieces of slate to use (we only need 8 now) and cleaned it up. And we picked out the best vases for the church, to give to the florist, and made the last labels for the cameras.

Lastly, I think, its my hen this weekend!! I'm excited and terrified. there is a day bit with me, 2 bridesmaids, my SIL & MIL (yes I booked time off for my hen on a weekend that my mum is at the other end of the country. I am a tit.) then a few hours peace, and and evening bit with meal, drinks, and god knows what else. One of my bridesmaids is travelling up from bedford today for it, I havn't seen her sinceher wedding ayear and a half ago! very excited.

The new house is lovely, odd to be living here but I'm getting used to it! Its still a tip, but a box gets unpacked each day. I'm finding it hard to concentrate on the wedding bits when all I want to do is unpack, but only a month to go!

so thats all for now, a bit of a wordy post but someone who shall remain nameless has been nagging me for information ;) so I thought I would share it with you all, or another week will go by and I won't have written any more!


  1. I see it more as inspiration rather than nagging!
    All sounds brilliant, can't wait to see it come together. Less than a month to go!!!!WOOP WOOP!!!!!!!!!
    Have a brilliant hen do. And at the risk of being accused of nagging again I want to hear all about the hen do ASAP!!!

  2. oh yes, dont worry :) I'm sure there will be pictures of that one!

  3. Grr, I hate health and safety regulations - 98% of them are just stupid!! Have you ever heard of anyone ever being injured by a falling vase in a church? I have not!!

  4. he he... I could have guessed who'd been doing the 'nagging' ;)

    I guess the only consolation with the h&S thing is that it would be a bit miserable if one of your guests was maimed by a falling vase! these are the things you never think of though...

    and glad to hear the new home is good... unpacking is very satisfying. we still had a few things here that are in boxes that we unpacked recently and was so nice to finally empty them!

    I'm going to nag too and say I want pics/tales of the hen do! ;) hope you had lots of fun!

  5. Getting so close now! How EXCITING! Sounds like everything is coming together. Enjoy the last little finacee bit. It really flies by.

  6. wait.


    how did i miss this and am i invited?

  7. How was the hen do? Cant wait to see everything; dress & jam favours included!

  8. Wow!! Sound like there is a lot to do!! I've been stressing over the wedding since getting back too.. didn't expect the list to accumulate in my absence! Have a great time at your hens and I can't wait to read all about it!!