Friday, 5 November 2010

the return...almost.

I feel awful that I've not been blogging, but I just don't have words for it all. The day was wonderful, perfect and lovely. I will, I promise, at some point be a good blogger and write you out numerous posts about the extent of the loveliness, but I want to accompany them with photos, and I don't have them yet. So in lieu of that, while I get my thoughts, and act, together are a few ridiculous photos a friend sent me.

First, the rubbishiest confetti throwing ever, the man behind the camera on the far side is my godfather, the hand behind me is my godmothers. The confetti throwing was rubbish mainly because our families thought it logical to get children 1/4 of our heights to throw it at us. the pavement had a very good do. (also, I have very bad posture dont tell me.)

I have NO idea what is going on here, but I love it.

Also, I did not want to leave my bouquet. No one bothers to tell you you may form a deep and meaningful relationship with a bunch of flowers, I nearly cried when I left for honeymoon. Ma in law re-presented me with it when we got home, the cabbages had rotted.


  1. Hooray you are back and had a lovely wedding!

    Love the hair! and the look you two are giving each other on the last photo.

    I took my bouquet on honeymoon with us and kept it alive as long as I could. It lasted 6 days (well, it had travelled out of water for several hours at a time). Still feel strangely sad to think of the day I placed it very carefully in the bin. Like it was a thing to revere.

    It had a good innings xxx

  2. Hurrah, and how beautiful you look!You both look like you are having fun too!

    I was SO upset about throwing my bouquet(which was fake flowers as Dave is allergic), but it lives in my friend's bedroom now, so I can visit it!

  3. you look lovely both of you and i cant wait to hear all about it and your right with pictures is definatly better

  4. I can't wait to hear all about it and you look so pretty!! xx

  5. I don't mean to be so shallow, but you look so beautiful! (I have bad posture too so don't worry)

    Can't wait to hear more about your wedding when you are ready!

    Interesting to hear about your attachment to your bouquet. I didn't really care about flowers until a few weeks ago and now I'm concerned whether or not they will be worth it. But I really want a pretty bouquet now!

  6. You look stunning. Can't wait to hear more about your day.

    I know what you mean about the bouquet. I almost cried as I watched my beautiful flowers wilt and I left them for my mum to get rid of. I had to give myself a talking to and remind myself that they were only flowers and that what was really important was the fact I was married and that I had hundreds of beautiful memories to treasure forever.

    x x

  7. He he... I love that you are true to form even when posting wedding pics, you gorgeous gal! Smiling at the tiny confetti throwing (and baring that in mind for ours... though I think all my little cousins can throw hard!) And I love the one of the both of you... you look stunning as well as those expressions being brilliant!

    My friend didn't want to give her flowers away either and she cried when she got back from honeymoon and they'd wilted - so I have been doubly warned now!

  8. You look beautiful!! And the second picture is classic!! I wonder what is going on there too!! I can't wait to see more pictures and hear more about the day!! I have no idea what happened to my bouquet at the end of the night... I think maybe mum took it back with her!!

  9. wow wow wow you look amazing! So beautiful and no wonder you didn't want to leave your flowers - so pretty!

    I've still got the billy buttons (yellow poms) from my bouquet. I didn't go away so I was lucky and got to enjoy all the flowers for a little longer. You really do fall in love with your them!

    eeeee how exciting! Can't believe we're all finally getting married!

  10. Congratulations!

    I am in love with that second photo!

    More more more!! Obviously!

  11. Come back soon, I miss you. I know it is hard to put into words. Loving these photos and you do look stunning even when pulling faces at your new husband!

  12. Ha, I know how you feel about flowers, i always fall in love with them and then they begin to die, so sad. Lovely pics though, can't wait to hear / see more!

  13. I feel terrible - I abandoned my flowers as soon as food appeared! What can I say? I love food! Now I look at the photos of the bouquet and wish that I'd spent more time with it...

  14. Oh can I just point out your posture isn't as bad as mine.