Saturday, 20 November 2010

recaps: the week before

The week leading up to the wedding is a blur to me now, and was rather at the time too! My parents and lovely bridesmaid were around on and off for most of that week. I don't think I would have got anything done without them, all three were amazing.
We had a day making the orders of service, and cutting corks to stand menus and place names in, I remember feeling generally nervous and scared, and this was 8 days before! I kept taking deep breaths and my mum was wondering what was happening to me. I was prepared to feel like this on the day of (which didn't happen oddly) but not a week early.
Those feelings came and went over the next few days, as did lovely bridesmaid who I think possibly took as much delight as me in ticking things of the ever diminishing list. I finished work on the Wednesday, which gave me 2 days to run around and pick up things,drop off things, and all those other bits that mount up and you have no idea how everything will happen on time. We got the dress on the Wednesday when I finished work, which really started to make it seem real to me. this dress, which I had been trying on for 8 months in a shop, was now mine, to take home, and wear!

I can't remember this end of the week very clearly, there were visits to the florist, dropping off vases, picking up the massive bundles of gyp (which by the way she majorly overestimated on!)getting the tie pins from the jewellers, and lots of phone calls.

On the Thursday evening my parents arrived to stay until the wedding. It was all rather surreal, as it was James last night at home before the wedding too. On the Friday, lovely bridesmaid appeared again. my parents spent a good while laying everything out into groups by table (table numbers, menus, table centres, favours, and then boxing it all up by table - thank you to whichever one of you suggested this to spare thoughts before her wedding, it was a great idea - I was complimented on my organisation by the lady who runs the venue!), while lovely bridesmaid and I made the two gyp hearts for either side of the front door at the venue. this took a good long while, but was very calming ( I like monotonous repetitive tasks, it concentrated my mind) and we printed off a few last minute bits, extra place cards, a large order of service for my aunt etc. We finished all of this and loaded the car up at 3 to take everything to the venue, also the ipods and docks for the music.

We then came home, and had a rather bizarre but nice drink over at the in laws house , along with James godparents, and then it was time for the rehearsal. we all trooped up to the church, I remember getting near the church and seeing one of my other bridesmaids waving at me, which started to make everything OK.

Mum and SIL hung the wicker hearts off the pew ends, while I got excited and spun around in circles talking to everyone. Anna arrived, having never met her before I thought (rather rudely) who is this random woman and what is she doing at my wedding rehearsal, and then realising who she was. Then it was time to start. I got tongue tied and giggly, and both of us were nervous. Ben, our vicar, was great, but nothing quite prepared me (even having seen 2 of my bridesmaids go through the dame thing in the previous 2 years) for being at your own wedding rehearsal. it was almost more surreal the night before, than on the day.We went through the rehearsal, in what seemed like 5 minutes. Ben put up with us asking about 200 questions, he had got used to me by that point, so wasn't in the least surprised when I produced a small list! After talking to everyone, we left the church and it was time to say bye. I got quite teary, and then had to try to pull it together cos one of my bridesmaids and her mum and husband were coming home with me to see our house. This didn't turn out so well, as about 20 minutes after we got home, I burst into tears for no reason.

For anyone reading this who isn't married yet, do not underestimate the amount of bizarre and unexpected emotions you may or may not feel. I thought I knew exactly how I would feel, I had no idea. all my emotions came out the night before, which in a way was good, but I just hadn't prepared or allowed for this. Only have around you people that you want, and don't plan ahead on what to do. if we had been having the big bridal group around for a takeaway like I thought I wanted, I would have been a wreck. I'm not saying don't do it, just be prepared for the unexpected!

After my bridesmaid left, I recovered my senses and my parents and I had dinner. I delivered the silly little present I had bought for James to where he was staying (he was out) and promptly fell asleep on the sofa.

(first two photos, by me, the rest by the stunning Anna Hardy)


  1. This post brought back the feelings I had before my own wedding. I was such a bundle of nerves and excitement it's a wonder I managed to make it down the aisle! And then on the day itself I was so calm and serene and everything seemed to happen efortlessly.

    I really love your pew ends and the gypsophila heart - beautiful.

    x x

  2. Be still my gypsophilia heart!

    The evening before my wedding I was all over the place, so when I read this post it resonated with me. We went for a meal for about 15 people and it was a bit much to be honest. I definitely didn't expect that.

    I loved the pictures on Anna's blog - can't wait to see more xxx