Sunday, 5 December 2010


we're up on Anna Hardys blog now, go see it here. She wrote beautiful things abot us, as she does with all her couples, and right at the end my dad posted a comment too :) I promise promise promise I'll be back soon, I'm working super hard and I'm way behind on christmas, its all I can do to keep my eyes open in the evening! but I now have the internet on computer in a war room which is much more condusive to typing, so even though I've just given you the link to a lot of our photos, words may come soon. promise.


  1. Wow, the photos are beautiful. What a stunning bride you made. I adore the bridesmaid dresses, makes me wonder whether the plain pewter frocks I've gone for are what I really want!!

    I've only just stumbled across your blog but you have already provided ample inspiration. Can't wait to read about your day in more detail.


  2. Rebecca, your photos are beautiful! Anna has done an awesome job capturing your gorgeous day and I can't wait to hear more about it xxx

    PS. don't feel too bad about being behind on Christmas, I only started shopping last night

  3. Lovely photos and all your paper bits look beautiful, that lace stamp was a genius idea!

  4. What, you actually expect me to be able to put into words how much I love these photos? Not possible. Too much.

  5. Oh Rebecca, these are so lovely, you look beautiful :) yay!

    and the cake looks amazing, and the cameras, love love love it!

  6. Forgot to say this over here too... but beautiful pics, you gorgeous gal! I love them all… especially the smiley ones of you two :D