Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Bookcase: A spot of bother

(image from amazon)
I've got the reading bug badly at the moment. I was holding off reading this one until I had read his first offering (finally) on holiday. I liked this one even more than A Curious Incident... both are excellent but this one is properly laugh out loud funny, while also being very dark.
Each chapter is written from the point of view of one of 4 members of a family, parents, daughter and son, in the run up to the daughters second wedding. each of them concerned with their own problems, they dont notice each others - the fathers impending nervous breakdown, the sons relationship failing while the mother continues an affair. Its all very everyday, mundane, but very very funny.
I ploughed through half of this on a train journey, and the other half one night when James went out - as the chapters are short - some of them only a page - its very easy to keep reading!


  1. We listened to the audio book of this in the car with Dave's parents as we drove to France with them. I love Haddon's writing, and this is excellent, but I would not advise listening to it on your first trip with your partner's parents. Graphic sex scene read out loud = the most uncomfortable I have ever been.

  2. Oh I really like A curious incident, so will have to keep an eye out at the library for this...

    On a related note, I saw you're reading How To Be a Woman next.... ENJOY (I loved it)

  3. Ive never read this but have a curious incident to read I think; must find it again!