Sunday, 8 January 2012

Bookcase: We need to talk about Kevin

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I'm well aware I'm behind the times by talking about this now, even though the films just out the book is a good few years old, and could be described as a modern classic already, but I've only just read it and it's SO.DAMN.GOOD.

I found the first half hard to get into, I'd read a sentence or paragraph and have to go back over it because it was just so wordy, I hadn't taken anything in. But then as Kevin starts to come into himself as a character I was more and more gripped. I found the language became simpler too. It's not easy to read by any stretch of the imagination, the subject is obviously awful, but it was so cleverly written I found myself crowbarring time into my day to read it.

You know what the main crime in the book is from the beginning, so you are constantly leading towards 'Thursday' and yet there are still surprises in it. There were several incidents (maybe I'm just dense-it's eminently possible) that I just wasn't expecting, and floored me when I was reading it. And her ability by the end of the book to make you feel sympathy for Kevin is very clever. Just consider not reading it if you are that time in life where you're thinking about having children!

(Im never sure whether I should carry on writing these bookcase posts - I shied away from writing one from the blook club meeting I went to, since some ladies there were much more eloquent than me, but I like reading, and want to share what I like so I hope you dont mind if I carry on!)

Have any of you seen the film? what did you think? it never came to our cinema, so Im going to invest at the end of the month when the DVD is released!


  1. I haven't seen the film, and I'm afraid to read the book now!

    PLEASE keep writing your 'bookcase' posts. I'd be so sad if you stopped. You should do the Blook club ones too - you are just as eloquent as everyone else!

  2. I'm so keen to read this now - but a little bit afraid too like Lisa-Marie. I've been wondering about it for a while. Thanks for the review!

  3. Ok, ok, I really need to read this now.

    I finished Lionel Shriver's The Post Birthday World which I really enjoyed, so I already know I like her writing.

    One of my resolutions is to read more and then blog about it, I love reading about what other people read as it introduces you to things (like 'Kevin" that you wouldn't normally push yourself to read! Plus, I'm nosy. Carry on please!

  4. Laura, I was writing this post thinking you :) its not an easy book but it was still good.
    LM and siobhan, don't be afraid of it, but don't read it if you're feeling delicate! I went into it blind, which was probably good, but as a book it's excellent. Am I helping?!

  5. I read the book but didn't watch the film as i thought it would be too depressing. The writing was good but like you, hard trouble getting into the first half.

    I love reading about what other people read, so continue with your bookcase posts please!

  6. Oh I've got a sample of this on my kindle but not looked at it yet... Definitely definitely going to read this now! (And yes to bookcase posts! I certainly don't do writing about books well for some reason!)

  7. I haven't read it for quite some time so I'm not sure I should reread it before I see the film. Usually hate what films do to books.
    @Laura I have The Post Birthday World on my kindle but not started it yet. Good to hear that you enjoyed it.

    Please keep going with the book posts.