Friday, 6 January 2012

Pinspiration: christmas decoration storage

image from re-nest via pinterest
(I re-pinned it but the link wasnt direct to the blogpost - apologies)

I saw this ages ago, but had to wait to do it until now.

Its worked quite well, it would work better if you don't, like me, collect random odd shaped christmas decorations, but have perfectly matching baubles instead. hence my pictures make it look like a junk shop stored on an apple crate, but I've still kept them like that. I've then stored them in a box to keep them safe.we get our eggs delivered on a large sheet once a month, so I've been saving those rather than boxes, and I got some more, and the larger apple sheets from our market, who would normally just recycle them at the end of the day.

the eagle eyed amongst you might have noticed some glass cat heads in the photos above, heres a closer one with two of them in - a set of 6 of these were my secret santa present from Lisa-Marie, along with some christmassy truffles! Thank you very much Lisa, and sorry it took so long to write about them!

(apologies for the appalling quality of photos, it was night, on an iphone.)

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  1. This is great and something I will try to remember for when we have more decorations/space (I also love the new blog look)

  2. This is genius. I currently have a massive shoebox filled with our basic baubles, tinsel ans star, and then several small boxes that have our more sentimental baubles stored by colour/material.

    I always find at least three broken, even though I am REALLY careful. I shall definitely try this next year.

    Also, I'm just glad you liked them! :)

  3. Oooh that's a very very good idea! Ok, might have to do this belatedly (but the Xmas box is still a mess so that's ok!)