Thursday, 22 July 2010

the full stationery shebang unveiled.

The past few weeks have been punctuated, as you know, by the making of invitations. There have been several invitation construction afternoons, one with lovely bridesmaid, and one with the parents. Barring a couple of evening invitations still to do, we are now done, and as of last night got posted/delivered! So here, for your viewing pleasure, are all the photos of them, in a sort of order...

WARNING: gratuitous shots of bridesmaids legs...

We took this:

paper and card all from daintree paper

ribbon from the market

and made them into these:

we punched corners ...
and threaded ribbon...

and licked stamps...

and Dad addressed envelopes in nice handwriting...

and then put all of this, along with a map for visitors, or a slip of information for the locals into an envelope, and that, was that!
I got the lace image from iDIY while trawling it one night for ideas, and I'm so glad I did. nothing was coming together for me on this until I found that and changed the shape. I had it in my head that we were having folding card invitations with a paper inner, but my two problems were that they really did not have the nice finish that I wanted to be able to create, and that all the ones that inspired me from blogs and whatnot were a completely different style so I had nothing to draw from to help me. The best bit was how simple they were, no folding or sticking, we simply had to cut the sheets into 3, punch the corners, and the holes for ribbon, and tie the ribbon through it. bobs your uncle. have to say though, not at all sure that they'd have gone out this week were it not for lovely bridesmaid or my parents! so, not that my parents read this, or know about it, but thank you very much!
p.s. in case anyone else sees that fiskars punch and thinks wowee I love that, they are great, but check what weight of card you're punching. mine was 200gsm, only read while trying to replace it that its only designed to punch up to 130gsm. oops. no wonder its got so sticky that I have to whack it on the table to release each piece of card! It did hold up a good while though, and can still be teased into use. Cutting tin foil in it did seem to sharpen it again, a tip from a work friend, but one piece of it seems to have bent slightly out of shape! no idea how, I might be wrong...


  1. so so purty! i wish i could hold one in my hand!!!

  2. They are just beautiful Rebecca! Are you proud? :) I loved doing mine and it was so lovely seeing them all lined up after.

  3. I am immensely chuffed with them, thank you :) its such a delight to see them all go out now too.

  4. I love the lace image and the shape it so pretty!

    Yay for us part time stationers!

  5. This is a lovely post, and immensely useful! It's so good to see the process - a process I am trying to get my head around - broken down into helpful stages!

  6. They are gorgeous! So exciting to get them all out; does it make it all seem more real?

  7. yes Gaynor, scarily so! been getting lovely responses from guests about them too :)

  8. Love these, well done! I will be picking your brains when it's my turn to get my craft on.